Telegraph Hill Skatepark - Lewisham Borough

What Telegraph Hill lacks in quantity it makes up for with quality. It's a good use of very limited space, with the essentials well represented; watersmooth concrete floor, and well propotioned ledges.

It ticks a suprising number of supplementary boxes. There's a flat hip, with some some fun to be had on the flat banks which run behind the ledges. The mini ramp is a good practice ground for budding tranny wizards, the transitioned hip is a great little feature as well. It's a shame they couldn't get more space however, the bowled out corner at the far end isn't up to much with the line coming to end without much to do but hit a wall. Lines are tight, with only a one or two people able to ride at once safely. Lewisham should be finding a bigger plot for pouring concrete soonish.

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